Wednesday, June 11, 2008

International Bidniz

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I had a very disturbing meeting with my primary vendor (based in the Netherlands) while in Houston. I think I said he was delusional (but that might have been about other matters, such as how incompetent their US rep is and how badly he hurts their reputation, but I digress)....
Apparently the view in Europe and the rest of the world (according to him) is that the United States (and Canada) is basically a 2nd world country, less important than China, India, Singapore, or Eastern Europe. More on par with Russia and Brazil.
Wow. No matter how you feel about that in terms of "global justice" that is just WOW.
If you believe it.
For the record, I disagree, but see how one could come to that conclusion given the last 7 horrific years *ahem*. The Dutch are stubborn people though (so I'm told *ahem*), and I (we) could not convine him otherwise on that or any other topic (which he didn't get given his preconcieved business plans and prejudices, or maybe it was the booze). Anyway, he is also under the impression that we sue everybody without any excuse. A useful sterotype (for some) but news to me since I've never sued anybody, or been sued in over three years of business, and have never even heard of a contractor in my business being sued (in over twenty years in the business), let alone a contractor in my business suing their vendor.
We aren't ogres over here, we actually do cultivate business relationships, believe it or not.

But I rant....

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