Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Corporations are stoopid

So my pard and I were chatting over a MOMosa about retractable Sharpies (ain't life excitin'?) and I mentioned how the best thing to mark on metal parts is whiteout pens. Seriously, they are the best! She went on to observe "Why didn't they put the whiteout in pens back when it mattered?" Why indeed?

There you were, as she said, with your bottle of whiteout - that dries out after you use it 2 times - and there is BIC. Why didn't somebody at BIC say, "Hey, we have these pen things, we've got blue ink and black ink and red ink and green ink, we even have pen thingys that we fill with butane to make FiRE, what if we filled one of them with WHITE ink? Do you think we could sell a pen with WHITE ink?"

Do ya think?

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