Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wind farm photo

A few have commented favorably on my masthead photo. This is what a wind farm looks like BEFORE it is completely operational. You can tell since they are all pointed in different directions.... I took this pic of the Chandler Wind Farm in Chandler, MN in the fall of 2007, while we were down there investigating additional turbine locations. It was late evening and a great storm had just gone through so the bright turbines looked remarkable in the setting sun against the darkened sky.

But it could be anywhere....

Some people complain that wind turbines "spoil the landscape". What a crock of shit. Like corporate agriculture, powerlines, railroads, roads, farms and their silos, clearing forests, and native praries, cities, suburbs, locks and dams, bridges, etc. didn't long ago "spoil the landscape". Get real, humans are in the BUSINESS of "spoiling the landscape".


Now you want "spoiled landscape"? Global climate change is going to spoil your landscape!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bad Blogger, No Biscuit!

When you have a blog, you are supposed to BLOG. I've been bad: not blogging; a bad, bad blogger....

Well, I'm going to change that soon....

I swear!